Are you feeling driven to do something beyond the norm?

Do you want to touch the lives of others and make a difference?

We are always in need of medical professionals who generously donate their time to help us. Volunteers can fill important needs in direct patient care, as well as leaving a lasting imprint by helping to develop the skills of our Cambodian staff.

Currently we are running a program to train Cambodian doctors, and therefore we don’t have the capacity to supervise foreign students on placement. We look forward to hosting students from abroad when we have better developed our resources.

Non-medical volunteers also make an important contribution to our work here. We can always use help from biomedical engineers, English teachers, communications, media & fundraising, finance, web design and I.T volunteers.

Medical Volunteers

SKMH is always in need of medical professionals who are willing to donate their time and expertise.  Volunteers can fill important needs in direct patient care, as well as leave a lasting imprint by helping develop the skills of our Cambodian doctors, nurses and midwives. 

On a related note, on site bungalow accommodations are available periodically for a fee.  If you are interested in staying on site at SKMH, please inquire with the Volunteer Coordinator.

We are looking for professionals in the following areas:

  • Gynecology/Obstetrics 
  • Laboratory Medicine, especially hematology and blood bank 
  • General Surgery
  • Pediatric Surgery 
  • ENT Audiology
  • Anesthesiology and Anesthesia nursing
  • Emergency Medicine and Trauma
  • NICU specialists
  • Internal Medicine
  • Remove: ENT Audiology

International Clinical Elective Placement Volunteers

SKMH does accept international nursing and medical students for clinical elective placement on a case-by-case basis.   We currently charge a training fee of $ 400 USD per month per medical student and $ 300 USD per month per nursing student. This includes training by staff and cost of supplies.  We accept a maximum of four medical students and four nursing students at any given time.  We provide elective placements for students to gain exposure to health services in a low resource setting and tropical medicine in Cambodia.  These elective placements are not designed to fill particular needs of SKMH, however we believe this exposure could effect future decisions of medical professionals.

Non-Medical Volunteers

SKMH is in need of volunteers for Information Technology and Biomedical Engineering, Teaching English, Media and Fundraising, and Communications. All volunteers are considered case-by-case and are encouraged to apply. If their skills and experience do not fit our current needs we will offer other options within Cambodia. We will require a minimum of 4 weeks service but cannot guarantee placement.

Your time is worth more than money in the eyes of our patients. If you would like to find out more, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Sokhea Sor, at the following email addresses:

  • Sokhea.Sor@SKMH.org
  • skmhvolunteer@gmail.com
  • volunteerskmh@yahoo.com

Please send your email to all addresses as sometimes internet coverage is blocked.


Volunteers or students interested in volunteering or clinical elective placement should read the SKMH Volunteer Handbook carefully. Then, submit the documents required below via the volunteer@skmh.org and Sokhea.Sor@SKMH.org for review. Once reviewed, you will receive an email decision or additional information requested from SKMH Volunteer Coordinator within a week.

Nurses and doctors requesting to serve in a direct patient care capacity in Cambodia are required to register with the appropriate Medical or Nursing Council once our application is accepted. SKMH Volunteer Coordinator will use the documents provided to register you. There is a fee associated with this registration and can be refunded to SKMH Volunteer Coordinator upon arrival.

Email Volunteer@skmh.org the following items with your intent of service:

  • Copy of your current CV
  • Letter of intent and with requested work dates at SKMH
  • Two academic (student interns) or professional references (medical professionals)
  • Confirmation from the Dean of your university confirming your enrollment (student interns)
  • Signed Agreement with University representative and student before arriving. We understand this may not be available at the time of your application. (students)
  • Color copy of your passport (valid for 7 months after arrival in Cambodia)
  • Completed Volunteer Application​
  • Copy of your International Medical Insurance will be required before starting your service or internship. We understand this may not be available at the time of your application.

Additional items for Doctors only:

  • License to practice
  • Letter of police clearance or background check (once application is approved)
  • Certified Copy of Diploma
  • Certificate of Good Health
  • Completed Medical Council Application Form
  • Completed Oath of Allegiance
  • Copy of your International Medical Insurance will be required before starting service.

Additional items for Nurses only:

  • Completed Oath of Nursing
  • CCN Registration Application Form
  • License to practice
  • Copy of your International Medical Insurance will be required before starting service.

We want to express a big thank you to our fantastic and dedicated volunteers. We would like to mention that medical volunteering now requires registration with the Cambodian Medical Council before coming to Cambodia. Our Volunteer Coordinator will guide you through this process.

Fees for International students:

Fan room – Single X $530.00/person/month
AC Room – Single X $700.00/person/month

Fan Room- Double X $480.00/person/month
AC Room – Double X $600.00/person/month

(Included courses fee, lunch and accommodation and utilities including drinking water)
The training fees helps cover the costs of supplies and training by staff.