A highly specialized medical professional of Orthopedic surgeon. The Consultants are the highest medical authority in a hospital, having been through many years of training and experience.

Prof. Tour Phot Sin Lecturer, Faculty, Consultant Trauma and orthopedic surgery -Hand surgery, President of Cambodian Society of Orthopedic and Traumatology (SOCOT)2022 2024

Specific skills that include​ disorders including Knee pains, Wrist pains, Shoulder pain, Neck pains, Back pains, Arthritis, Elbow​ pains, ​ Osteoporosis, Plantar​Fasciitis, ​Hand Problem, Fracture, Fracture revision Multiple Joints pain and other issues

From today, those who have the above symptoms you can make an appointment with us every Thursday to meet with the expert via our phone number 077 666 752 010 081 53 17 80


Our Operating Room is fully staffed and equipped and surgery is being performed there. The architectural design is unique: a stand-alone building quite separate from other buildings; a wonderful design for infection control.

The equipment is state-of-the-art. A well informed visitor said, on visiting the unit said that it is the best Operating Room that he has seen in Cambodia.

We are able to perform General Surgery for adults and children and Gynecological procedures. We have visiting specialists such as Plastic Surgery and Pediatric Surgery to increase this range.

A good Anesthetic service is necessary to perform surgery and we are fortunate to have skillful staff with the ability to keep patients comfortable with General, Regional and Local anesthesia.

Our nursing staff has been well trained to care for you before, during and after your operation.