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Physiotherapy is a lesser known health field in Cambodia. Many patients wait until their situation is severe, first visiting a traditional healer, or getting injections. These are ineffective and costly in the long term. Physiotherapy is beneficial for children with developmental delays, as it helps them to achieve better functioning. The physiotherapist treats patients sustainably with both exercises and education.

Some of the more common problems our physiotherapists see include stroke, joint pain and lower back pain.

Physiotherapy is vital in treating patients who have had strokes. Providing exercises and techniques is integral in helping a patient to regain functioning. Our physiotherapists educate both patients and family of patients on exercise, mobility and wound management. This type of treatment is also beneficial and necessary for patients who suffer from sciatica, joint pain, lower back pain and pain caused by former injuries.

Attending physiotherapy sessions can help a patient to manage or overcome long term and short term pain.