Our specialty is in promoting and caring for children’s health. Our friendly doctors regularly treat children for a range of illnesses. Some of the most common problems we treat are respiratory infections including severe asthma, gastroenteritis, and other infections such as dengue fever in addition to various other medical cases.

Some of these conditions could be fatal if left untreated. Parents have traveled from afar upon hearing about our services. For many it is their last hope as they have spent all their money on treatment that didn’t work. They have often been told by a friend or family member who has heard about the hospital, so they borrow money to pay for the journey here, knowing their children will have the best care.

We also have a 9 bed pediatric inpatient ward that is equipped with a fun playroom to help sick children brighten their stay. The Sonja Kill has started a collaboration with the National Program and we provide their vaccines free of charge to children between 0 to 2 years old.

We have a 5-bed neo-natal intensive care unit with incubators and machines that support ventilation.