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Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital



Donating supplies or equipment is a fantastic way to help us continue to provide a high level care to vulnerable Cambodian children. We are always in need of supplies and functioning medical equipment. Please see (SKMH Wish list 2014.pdf) for our donation wish list.

Occasionally we cannot accept a donation due to safety, hygiene, import restrictions, or high shipping costs. If you would like to know more, please contact Daniel Moho at daniel.moho@skmh.org for further information.


Help to support our work with financial donations. We are aiming to expand our services so we can better serve the vulnerable children of Southern Cambodia. Your donations are instrumental in helping us to help them. Support us by donating to the following organizations (please make a note the donation is for SKMH):

Sonja Kill Foundation,
In Care Of: www.skmh.org


Another way to support our work is by fundraising. This is a fun way to support a good cause. You could consider hosting an event, getting sponsored to perform an activity, via social media and many other ways. The website below has 140 fundraising ideas! http://www.fundraiserinsight.org/ideas


Blood donations are more important than ever. Get involved – Come by yourself, or bring some friends. Our friendly staff will make sure you feel at ease. Blood saves lives, and we are always in need!