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Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital


Inpatient Guidelines

Hospital Rules and Regulations for Inpatient Wards

Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital is focused on the health and welfare of our patients. Our goal is to make every patient's stay as comfortable and positive as possible. All patients and visitors are asked to help staff keep the hospital safe and a place focused on the recovery of the health of patients. Below are regulations that if followed, will make the care of our patients much more comfortable. Beyond these regulations, we ask that you please follow the instructions of the doctors, nurses and hospital administration.

Visiting Hours
Inpatient Ward 7 am- 9 am and 11 am to 5 pm
Children’s Ward 7 am- 9 am and 11 am to 5 pm

Patients are only allowed two visitors at a time. This is for the good of recovering patients and so that nursing staff can properly care for patients. If more than two visitors arrive at the hospital, they may wait outside the wards and visit patients in turn.

Parking is located in the front of the hospital. Patients/ Patient Relatives are asked to not drive anywhere other than into the designated parking area.

Visitors and patients are asked to stay in the wards or in the accommodations from 9pm-6am. For the safety of our patients and staff, we request you do not roam the hospital at night. We also ask that you not leave or try to return to the hospital property during this time. If there is an emergency please inform the security guard.

Smoking is not allowed anywhere on hospital property. Patients or their visitors caught smoking on property may have a $5.00 charge per incident added to their hospital bill.

Weapons are strictly prohibited on hospital property. Weapons must be left with security at the front gate.

Care Takers
A patient may have one relative or friend stay with them overnight. The hospital does not have accommodations for more than one relative. In the pediatrics ward, for the safety of our children, we request that the caretaker be a relative.

Patients are provided three meals a day. We request that visitors not bring in any strong smelling foods such as durian, brahok, etc., in the wards. There is no cooking allowed in the rooms or on the hospital property. No food may be stored in the wards. Food may be bought and consumed, but, cannot be stored.

Electronic Devices
Electronic devises with sound must be used with headphones as to not disturb other patients. Also we ask that you please mute the ringer on your cell phones. Use of cell phones is restricted in the wards. Please take your calls outside the wards.

For the safety of your valuables, we ask that all jewelry, credit cards, large sums of money and other valuables be sent home with your family. Also, you are encouraged to pay special attention to glasses, dentures, watches and other breakable personal items. Sonja Kill Memorial Hospital is not responsible for loss or damage to your property.

For the safety of your children, parents are asked to keep their children with them and under control at all times. Parents with loud disruptive children may be asked to leave.

Respect Hospital Staff
If you are asked by any of the staff to do or not do something, you are asked to comply. The staff are here for the safety of the patients and their request are to be followed.